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My Approach

Mindful CBT

Welcome to Mindful CBT, I specialise in providing online therapy for emotional health. My approach draws upon predominantly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques whilst also integrating other client-centred methods to help you achieve lasting positive changes in your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

I practice evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, which are designed to help you identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviours. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidence based talking therapy used to treat a wide range of difficulties. 

CBT works by exploring the connections and interactions between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours by noticing our patterns of thinking, the unhelpful ways we may be responding to emotions and addressing this by challenging or changing our thoughts and behaviours.   

CBT is an approach that is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence and predominantly used in the NHS. It is goal driven and sessions will be tailored to support you to achieve your goals. The number of sessions you need varies from person to person, depending on the goals you have and the changes you want to make. 


Online Therapy

Online therapy is effective, accessible and flexible. Research suggests that there are many benefits to online therapy and it has been shown to be just as effective as in person therapy. You can work from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. 

My Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach at Mindful CBT is centred around creating a compassionate and collaborative space for your healing journey. I believe in the power of online therapy to transform lives, and I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and support. Whether you're seeking to improve your mental health or enhance your overall well-being, I'm here to guide you on your journey.

My Approach
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